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Information about Backrooms

Backrooms is an urban legend and creepypasta depicting an endless space of offices and randomly appearing with different environments in each room.


  • In this game, you can explore and survive captivatingly inspired by a viral Internet phenomenon. You will be taken on a harrowing journey through a mysterious parallel dimension. You need to move through endless empty rooms bathed in eerie yellow light and blinding white light.
  • Players find themselves trapped in a maze of interconnected rooms, each more haunting than the last. Your target? Escape this surreal kingdom of terror before time runs out while avoiding the clutches of strange and terrifying entities lurking in the shadows.
  • The game was inspired by a creepy post shared on internet forums. Players are thrust into a world where reality and nightmare blur, as they confront otherworldly creatures and face the constant threat of being lost forever deep in the Backroom. After you complete the mission you can continue to explore other horror games like Five Nights At Freddy's.


  • The game is depicted as an endless maze of randomly generated offices, warehouses, and other spaces.
  • Each area can have different environments, from empty rooms to dense forests, or even lakes filled with strange creatures.
  • Backrooms are said to be inhabited by many dangerous entities, including monsters, mysterious figures, and other strange creatures.
  • One of the scariest features of this game is the feeling of being alone and trapped forever in this endless space.


This game has become a popular topic on the internet, with many videos, images, memes, and stories created around it. Online communities have developed wikis, subreddits, and forums to discuss Backrooms and share experiences.

Instructions for escaping from gloomy rooms

  • You'll get lost in a maze-like network of strange rooms and hallways. Your mission is to move through this surreal and dangerous environment, avoiding terrifying entities and finding your way out before it's too late.
  • Players move through labyrinthine corridors while avoiding danger and searching for clues to escape. Each room is filled with twists, turns, and hidden passages waiting to be discovered, providing an immersive and unpredictable gaming experience.
  • Players must carefully examine their surroundings, listening for familiar sounds that could lead to safety or valuable resources. However, they must also be cautious of ominous noises that signal impending danger.
  • Players must race against time to find a way out before being trapped forever. With each passing moment, the threat of getting lost in the Backroom grows greater.
  • Along the way, players will encounter many strange and terrifying entities lurking in the Back Room. These creatures will constantly prevent the player from escaping, adding suspense and danger to the gameplay.
  • Players must make split-second decisions, choose their actions wisely, and use every resource at their disposal to overcome opponents and overcome dangerous environments.