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Carrom Clash

About Carrom Clash

Carrom Clash is a video game that simulates the traditional carrom game. The object of the game is to score points by hitting your carrom into the holes. At the same time, you also need to find ways to prevent your opponents from scoring. You will play with black or white carrom. Your goal is to pocket all your carrom before your opponent does. To shoot your carrom, simply aim with the mouse and release it to fire.

The game features two types of carroms: black and white. Upon entering the game, you'll be assigned one of these carroms. Skillfully pocket all your carroms before your opponent does. Use your mouse to aim, then release to shoot your carrom with precision.

Attractive gameplay

How to play

  • Move the striker by touching the screen.
  • Release your hand to play carrom.
  • Score points by hitting your carrom into the holes.
  • Prevent opponents from scoring points by hitting their carrom off the table.


  • Simply use the mouse to play.
  • Upgrade your game
  • Use your earned coins to buy more hits and kicks, exciting enhancements that can improve your gameplay and lead you to victory!

Explore Three Engaging Modes

Dics Fool Mode

  • You'll be allocated a specific type of carrom to play with.
  • Your shots are limited to this designated carrom.
  • Beware! Accidentally pocketing your opponent's carrom grants them an advantage.
  • Victory is achieved by skillfully pocketing all your carroms before your opponent seizes the opportunity.

Carrom Mode

  • Your primary target is to pocket the red carrom into the hole.
  • Strategize your shots to secure the coveted red carrom for victory.

Freestyle Mode

  • Here, each carrom holds a specific value.
  • Your ultimate goal is to accumulate 160 points before your opponent.
  • The red carrom carries a hefty value of 60 points, so prioritize pocketing it.