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Dynamons 7

Information about Dynamons 7

Dynamons 7 is a game that combines monster capture mechanics with turn-based combat. Players travel across different islands, capturing and training Dynamon. The game features over 180 unique Dynamons to collect, each with its own strengths, weaknesses, and abilities.

It is the sequel to the popular game Dynamons League and was released in 2023. The game is set in a world where players can capture and train monsters called Dynamons. The player can then use his Dynamon to battle other players or NPCs.

How to play?

Catching Dynamons

Once you're familiar with the game's battle mechanics, you can start exploring the Tall Pines forest. Keep an eye out for wild Dynamons and use your action cards to determine your Dynamon's moves. When you've weakened a wild Dynamon, use a Discatch device to capture them and add them to your team.

Trainer Battles

As you journey, you'll encounter other trainers and Dynamon Captains who will challenge you to 1-on-1 turn-based battles. Strategically pick your team and utilize special attacks and power-ups to gain the advantage. Defeating opponents will earn you valuable items and unlock new parts of the map.

Storing Items in Your Backpack

Any items you collect during battles will be stored in your backpack. You can access your inventory, select items, and use them whenever needed.

Evolving Your Dynamons

Certain Dynamons have the ability to evolve upon reaching a specific level. Train them in battle or provide special items to help them level up. Leveling up strengthens your Dynamons and unlocks new attack and defense moves for their battle card deck.

Some new features

  • Dozens of new Dynamo to discover and collect, with even more diverse designs and abilities.
  • A graphical overhaul will make the game world and Dynamics look more detailed and vibrant than ever.
  • A deeper and more engaging story will take players on an exciting adventure through many different areas.
  • Refined combat mechanics and new strategic elements will challenge players to think creatively and smarter than their opponents.