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Happy Wheels

Information about Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels is a side-scrolling ragdoll physics game, known for its unique and funny gameplay mechanics. You control characters through many different levels. This game will help you test your skills as you overcome dangerous obstacles to reach the finish line. Developed by Jim Bonacci and released in June 2010.

How to play is easy

Control the character

Players will control characters driving various unusual vehicles through levels filled with obstacles, aiming to reach the finish line intact. Each character has their own set of wheels, such as a wheelchair or bicycle, adding to the game's variety. However, navigating through the levels is not easy as players must overcome deadly dangers such as spikes, mines, and saw blades that threaten to dismember their character. If you love the ragdoll genre, you can refer to the game Getaway Shootout.


Players overcome more than 60 different levels. With obstacles ranging from large boulders to dangerous holes and spikes, precision, and keen observation are essential for success. Players must be cautious and skillful to avoid deadly traps along the way.

Choose character

The player chooses his character and vehicle and then uses the keyboard arrow buttons to progress through the levels. The goal is to avoid hazards and obstacles while reaching the finish line safely. Additionally, the player can perform various actions such as accelerating, slowing down, leaning forward or backward, and bouncing to overcome obstacles.

Tips and tricks

  • Start each level slowly. This allows you to assess the challenges ahead and find the best approach. By taking your time from the beginning, you can avoid unexpected obstacles and plan your move more effectively.
  • In addition to the standard forward, backward, and jump buttons, the game also has scroll buttons. These buttons let you scroll forward or backward, which can be useful for navigating tight spaces or avoiding certain obstacles. Make sure to use these buttons wisely and carefully to handle difficult situations.
  • Resist the temptation to skip levels or switch characters too quickly. Each level provides valuable lessons and skills that you can apply to future challenges. Take your time to master each level with the main character, Business Guy, before moving on to more difficult characters. Likewise, each character in Happy Wheels has unique abilities and strategies, so take the time to learn how to best utilize them.
  • Each character has its own personality and strengths. Some characters have extra props or abilities that can help you overcome certain obstacles. For example, the Irresponsible Father's Child can be used to hold down buttons or activate switches, allowing you to pass levels more easily. Experiment with different characters and their abilities to find the best strategy for each level.