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Uno Flip is a fun upgraded version of the Uno card game. The game brings a new and surprising experience with the addition of a unique 2-sided deck of cards.

How to play

  • To start the game, each player is dealt seven cards from the deck, while the remaining cards form a draw pile.
  • The player starts with the light side of the deck facing up. However, when someone plays Flip cards, everyone has to flip their hands and the pile of cards goes to the opposite side, revealing a whole new deck of cards to play with.
  • Play cards of the same number or color as the card at the top of the discard pile. If you cannot play the card, you must draw from the draw pile.
  • Includes special cards such as Skip, Reverse, and Draw Two, which can be used strategically to hinder your opponent's progress.
  • One of the most interesting cards in Uno Flip! is the Flip Wild card. Not only does it change the color of the game, but it also forces people to turn over the deck of cards, adding another layer of challenge to the game.
  • If a player draws a card that they can play immediately, they have the option to do so. Otherwise, their turn will end.
  • Like traditional Uno, calling "Uno" is essential when you only have one card left. Failure to do so can result in a penalty if caught by your opponent.

Game tips for you

  • Remember the special function cards, especially the Flip Card, to be able to use them effectively.
  • Choose which cards to play strategically, for example using Draw Two or Draw Five cards to force your opponent to draw more cards.
  • Save special function cards to use at the appropriate time, for example, use the Skip Everyone card to skip your opponent's turn.
  • Try to run out of cards as soon as possible to win.