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Uno Multiplayer

Uno Multiplayer

Uno Multiplayer is a version of the classic online card game. Try to be the first to run out of cards to win. Invite your friends to practice together now!

How to play Uno Multiplayer

You can choose to join an existing room or create a new room. After choosing a room, you will be dealt 7 cards. The rules of Uno Multiplayer are similar to the rules of Uno Game.

Your goal is to be the first player to play all the cards in your hand. You will play against three other players and victory belongs to whoever can get rid of their cards first. The cards in the game come in different colors, numbers, and symbols. To play a card, it must match the color, number, or symbol of the card on the discard pile. You can chat with other players in the game room using the chat function.


  • You can play with your friends by inviting them to your playroom.
  • You can play with other players around the world by joining public game rooms.
  • The game has a ranking system so you can compete with other players.
  • The game has many different game modes, including Classic mode, Tournament mode, and Quick Match mode.

Uno Online With Friends

You can play with your friends by joining a virtual room with your friends and competing in intense Uno matches. Win by being the initial player to empty your hand of cards! But be careful with action cards like Skip, Reverse, and Draw Two, they can turn the tables in an instant.

How to play

  • Create a room or join a room your friends have set up.
  • Share the room code with your friends so they can join the game.
  • Once everyone has participated, it's time to start the Uno fun! Play the cards one at a time and don't forget to call "Uno" when you play the last card.


  • Stay connected with your friends through in-game chat while playing.
  • Choose your own avatar and customize your username to stand out in the game.