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Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors is a simple 2D game that combines role-playing, survival, and roguelite elements. The game has cute pixel art graphics and addictive gameplay.

Introducing the vampire survivors!

With the basic goal of lasting 30 minutes, players must keep their chosen character alive amid waves of increasingly challenging enemies. As players level up and defeat more monsters, they can receive new weapons and accessories to strengthen their arsenal. Will you prevail against the relentless onslaught of creatures of the night?

A variety of weapons

Players have access to countless weapons to fight hordes of nightmarish enemies. From crucifixes and garlic to King James Bibles and magic wands, the choice is yours. However, strategy is key, so choose your weapons wisely and make the most of your heroic survival by unleashing ruthless attacks against formidable creatures. scared in the night.

An excellent PC game

Vampire Survivors shines as one of the top offerings on the PC gaming platform. Its mob mode features expansive battlefields where players can choose characters from various Belmont clones. As you fight off waves of goblins and ghosts that increase in strength and number over a 30-minute period, you'll discover the game's unique approach to shooting mechanics. Each weapon has a different range, rate of fire, and damage profile, making them mechanically distinct and adding depth to the gameplay. Instead of aiming directly at the enemy, the weapon uses a timed firing pattern that depends on the player's position and the enemy's movements.

Control instructions

Remote control

It is recommended to use a game controller to control the character accurately. With a game controller, you can control your character with greater precision thanks to the joystick's sensitivity. Moving the joystick slowly allows for 16 different directions of movement, helping you be more agile and in control of your hero.


Players can also control their character with the W, A, S, and D keys on the keyboard. Although this input method is simple, it limits movement compared to a game controller. With the keyboard, you have eight different directions of movement to choose from, making control a bit more difficult.


Additionally, the player can control his character by dragging the mouse while holding both mouse buttons. Although this method mimics an analog stick, it has a limited range of motion. This can lead to clunky or awkward gameplay, especially in intense combat situations.

Visible joystick overlay

If enabled in the settings menu, a visible joystick overlay will appear where you click. This feature helps players visualize the character's movement direction. We recommend clicking directly on your hero to center the joystick, enhancing your control and precision.